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The makeover of the Purple Beast is complete!  

For more photos and descriptions check out the Purple Beast Makeover - 2014 web page!

The makeover of the Purple Beast is complete!

For more photos and descriptions check out the Purple Beast Makeover - 2014 web page!

Thanks to Cecile for the photo!

Thanks to Cecile for the photo!

WARNING: Nekkid photos…..cover your eyes and keep your kids away from your monitor!!!!

The plastics/graphics on the Purple Beast were pretty shabby…..tank graphics worn right through from hugging it with my knees, broken shroud that was held together for the past year and a bit with duct tape (the real strong stuff) and the graphics, stress marks in the front fender from bending and the like.

The new plastics and graphics arrived last week, so I figured last night I would strip my baby down and get ‘er ready for a make over! The new look is going to be spectacular! I’ll post pics when it’s all done….

Can’t ride….might as well wrench!

Mud Runs….

Interesting, but not surprising:

Dangers of Attempting a Mud Run

Dirt Bike Fitness Odyssey: Science Proves Riding is Good!

Dr. Jamie Burr, with York University in Toronto did a study of the fitness benefits of offroad motorcycle riding a few years ago, and proved unequivocally that riding a dirt bike is good for your fitness!

Here is a synopsis of the study:

The Results Are in! Scientific Proof Off-Road Vehicle Riding is Good for Your Body and Soul

and was also mentioned in this article entitled in Cycle

Off-roading, It’s What the Doctor Ordered

The full study (PDF) can be found here:

Physiological Demands of Off-Road Riding

Now if only the Spring thaw would come early this year….

Presentation at Toronto Quantified Self session….

I did a presentation at the Toronto Quantified Self meeting last night. It seemed to be very well received, and I enjoyed presenting some info about my Drit Bike Fitness Odyssey, and the technology behind it.

Carlos Rizo posted this photo of me presenting to the crowd of over 40 people:


Some very interesting people present, not all of which I was able to connect with last night. Hopefully will rectify that soon….

Purple Beast’s Extended Back Yard video tour…

Got out late yesterday afternoon for a ride in what Stormy calls “Purple Beast’s Extended Back Yard”, though to be more accurate, it should be called PB’s Extended Front Yard! Nice and cool for riding, and with the cloudburst we got earlier this aft, I figured it would be good traction and some fun in the mud. I was right! Best ride yet this year….even had one of those rides where everything just clicks? Yup…this was one of those for me. Awesome!

I rode all of Drury tracts (1, 2 and 3) and in Horseshoe, I did the new piece of single track that Darcy finished…..in both directions! The final stretch needs a bit more scrubbing…a tad hard to follow at spots, but a great new addition to the inventory of single track in Horseshoe. Nice to have too, since the loggers have trashed large sections of our single track in the SW corner of South Barr. :evil: I have named this new piece of single track, Darcy’s Dream, though Darcy wants to shorten that to Double D’s, to denote how much fun this new section of trail is. :D

Due to the logging in South Barr, I did the new Darcy’s Dream/Double D’s single track, both ways, and Bump ‘n Grind. Took off one small dead pine off the trail in BnG….my stewardship good deed for the day. :D

The cool thing about this ride, besides it feeling great…..I was wearing the headcam and tracking with the GPS! I had used a new helmet mount and wasn’t sure how well I had it angled, but it looks great.

So without further ado, here is a guided tour of PB’s Extended Back Yard:

Part 1, Drury 1:

Part 2, Drury 2:

Part 3, Drury 3:

Part 4, Darcy’s Dream (aka: Double D’s):

Part 5, Bump ‘N Grind:

Part 6, Darcy’s Dream (aka: Double D’s), reverse direction:

Well…there you have it….a tour of Purple Beast’s Extended Back Yard, aka: Drury and South Barr (Horseshoe) tracts.

I hope you enjoyed the show!

….Andrzej (aka: Purple Beast)

SCORRA Fun Day @ RJ’s 2012 Slideshow

I just posted a slideshow of my shots from the SCORRA Fun Day @ RJ’s:


Click on the image above to view the slideshow.

What a great event! Finish line wasn’t too shabby either! LOL

SCORRA donates to the Bear Creek Sanctuary

Here’s a photo of me presenting a cheque to Kamen at the Bear Creek Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary, as a donation from the proceeds of the Midhurst Trail Ride:


I think Kamen thought it was a turkey….which eventually it might just be! :D

And then actually giving the check to Mary, one of the principals at the Sanctuary.


The donation was very much appreciated!

Thanks to everyone that participated in the 2012 MTR trail ride and helped make this happen.

Jambo’s Prom Photos….

I just posted a slideshow of Jambo’s (Jamie…my son/nephew):


Click on the image above to view the slideshow.

That’s my boy! He’s all growed up now.

I’m so proud of him.

Tattoo session on my backpiece…

Over five hours under the needle today. A good session. We ran out of time and so were not able to finish the background around my Buck Rogers spaceship, but we got most of the background done on the left side, the small inner pieces and along the top of the shoulders/neck.


Next session is mid-November (Kathy @ Life Itself Tattoos) books up way ahead of time!). I started this piece in ‘98….it’s been a long time getting to this stage, but the end of this long tunnel is finally in sight. Background will be done by end of year, and then maybe some retouch work on the husky puppy and my “Sorayama-style” sexy robot, and then I can think about my plans for some sleeves!

Some people are idiots!

Figured I would beat the rain that was due to start at 2pm based on the hourly forecast, and went out for some dirt bike fun in Drury/Barr forest tracts! 38 kms of fun to be exact in 2 hours.

Though the rain did start part way through, it was never heavy. By the time I was doing the west side of Drury 3 and 2, I had to slow down, as it was getting quite greasy on the trails there. Only dumped it once…on the new Drury 3 stretch uphill, crossing a slippery slanted log, just before you exit to the old stone fence. Typical wet log on an angle…your rear tire slides…..fast and badly! LOL Uphill there doesn’t help! We may need to remove that log, ‘cause it’s very tricky in the uphill direction.

The SW corner of Barr Tract is not passable due to logging operations in the area (Simcoe County forests are actively farmed for timber). Some bozos took down the caution tape and removed the debris I had put on the trail. A friend had said it was passable last night…but there is no way…the loggers have been in there in the past day or two, and have dumped more crap on the trails. Most of the piled logs are out, but there are still some left, and still a few good quality trees on the ground and more with marking paint. I put one stretch of caution tape back up, and dumped slash on both single track entrances again, before completing the loop back to the lair.

So….I get back to the logged section about two hours after I put up the caution tape and put brush over the trail, having hiked in from Bidwell Road, marking a detour the whole way.

What do I find? Some bozo, probably with a plate that says ID 10 T (if they even have a plate/membership, which I doubt), has ripped down the caution tape and moved the brush off the trail again! There were no tracks coming out the far end, so I know they went in, found it all blocked (doh! wonder why the caution tape was up goofus?) and came back out.

But do you think they put the tape back up and the brush back on the trail, to warn other riders, as they came out? Nope. Morons!

Anyway….I put up signs at the start of the single track that is impassable at both ends that say:

Due to Logging.
Follow Detour Arrows.

Put more caution tape up at the Bidwell Rd end. Tossed even more crap on the trails there to block ‘em off. And I put orange arrows in both directions, with “D”s on ‘em (for detour) marking the 2-track bypass. Maybe now the idiots will stay out till the logging is done and we can work on the trail to fix it when they are done.

I also put W (Wrong Way) signs up further in on the single track at both ends….with a personal note suggesting they turn back and commenting on the reader’s intelligence (or lack thereof), should they have gone in despite the brush piles, caution tape, detour arrows and Trail Closed signs. ;-)

Reaffirms my belief that the average human being is not too bright. LOL

SCORRA Orientation Day slideshow…

…some of the photos I took at yesterday’s Orientation Day for new riders/members:

SCORRA Orientation Day slideshow

PB & The Beastettes….

Purple Beast and the Beastettes at yesterday’s SCORRA new member/rider orientation ride:


Megan, Andrzej and Lucy (aka: Baby Beast).

The orientation ride was a great success. Superb sunny weather and a great turnout. Everyone had a great time and riding skills improved noticeably during the course of the day.

Dirt Bike Fitness Odyssey: Algonquin Training Ride replay…

This is a Garmin Connect replay of my recent Algonquin Training Ride with Stormy, Sir Sitzalot (upriver), Obee-Wan Kenobe, Treeguy and others. I used a Garmin Oregon 550 to track location which was paired with a Wahoo ANT+ heart rate monitor.

Here’s the ride summary info:


The static route map and charts:


And the ride replay:

The big heart rate spike at about the 2:10 mark was us hitting the SW section of Barr Tract (Horseshoe) where the trail has been obliterated by logging. We started doing some clearing, before we realized it would require chainsaws once the logging is done, and retraced our steps and detoured around that section.

Ain’t technology wunnerful?